Innercare Professional Psychological Counselling
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Counsellor's Role is …

  • To create a warm, loving, genuine, respectful and secure atmosphere for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • To listen and assess clients' areas of concerns or disturbances, and cater for their better understanding of themselves and their issues
  • To help unlock clients' inner potentials or struggles with applicable psychotherapies
  • To help evaluate clients' available choices and their probable pros and cons
  • To help make way for clients' growth through courage and probable pain

Client's Role is …

  • To be ready to get in touch with the most inner parts of his/her thoughts and feelings gradually
  • To be open to work collaboratively with the counsellor
  • To be ready to reflect and see things in different perspectives
  • To be willing to try out new skills or homework and commit to self-growth
  • To be responsible for his/her ultimate choices

Counselling Works Best When …

  • Client has stronger motivation for change
  • Client and counsellor have established a desirable and solid therapeutic alliance/relationship
  • Client (with the help of counsellor) could restore his/her strong inner and outer resources to support his/her desired changes